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Delta Star Mark II now available!

29mm / 32mm motors

Gamma Star R/C Rocket Plane

24mm motors

Video online!!

Who we are

We are a company dedicated to making the customer happy. Currently we sell 'Thopter's Kestrel R/C ornithopter plans and are the sole distributor. We have now added R/C Rocket planes to our lineup. We have recently revamped the "F/G" powered Delta Star R/C rocket plane designed by John Boren and now have the Delta Star Mark II which will work with 29mm/32mm motors. New to the group is a scaled down version of the Delta Star called the Gamma Star which is a 24mm D/E/F model.

Warranty and Refunds
We at R&R Model Aircraft warranty our model kits  for defects in workmanship or materials. If a product has failed for any reason, please contact us. If the root cause of the failure is new or questionable, we will ask to have it shipped to us for evaluation. If it is deemed our fault, a new part will be provided and the product shipped back to you at our expense. Some parts will be exchange only due to safety reasons. The models are meant for R/C flying and are designed for normal wear and tear. They are quite strong, however, we are not responsible for parts broken by crashes or abuse. We will give no refunds nor credits for returns that arrive more than 40 days from the date of our shipment to you. Refund is dependent on manufacturer inspection of model condition as new/resalable (unflown). Shipping is not refundable.  

Note: Plans are not refundable due the ease of them being copied and then sent back. If unsure of plans suitability, please contact us first.

 Using careful building practices, you will produce a fine flying model.  Due to your model being built and flown outside the control of R&R Model Aircraft, the company can not accept liability for the final results of your model.  Likewise, the performance of the model and any occurrences resulting from the use of this model are solely the responsibility of the purchaser.  Remember that at all times this model is capable of severe physical and property damage, possibly even death.  Treat it with the same respect you would a loaded weapon, just don't try and defend yourself with it. You may be disappointed.

Need Information ?
If you have a question of any kind, feel free to contact us at 1-585-739-6354 (note: you may get voice mail, but we will get back to you right away) or e-mail us at: David@randrmodelaircraft.com


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