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Please note that R&R Model Aircraft will be closing its site. I do not have the time anymore to do justice to the great customers and make the models available.

I am looking for someone to take over production of the Delta and Gamma Star models, as well as the Kestrel Ornithopter plans.

I wish to sell the Delta Star and Gamma Star rights, all files, manufacturing information ( suppliers, etc.) to an individual who will produce them. Only stipulation is that my name and John Boren's name ( on the Delta Star) remain as designers.

Cost of each design is $650.00 or $1100.00 for both. I prefer to sell both to one person. Please contact me via e-mail David@randrmodelaircraft.com

The Kestrel Ornithopter plans and all rights are available for $350.00. The only stipulation being my name is kept on the plans ( or referenced if they are updated). Contact me via e-mail David@randrmodelaircraft.com

Thanks for all your patronage.


David Riedel

R&R Model Aircraft






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